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GSMW is an independent, local service provider for the professional and fast settlement of your building damage. Our aim is the reduction of usage restrictions and economic losses as a part of the settlement and repair process of damages. Without contractual obligations, memberships or hidden costs we assist you in case of a damage.


These are the services we provide:       

1. damage assessment and appraisal

We asses the extent of damages and we can provide you with a remediation concept or restructuring plan for the renovations works suitable for your personal needs (depending on the extent normally within a 48 hour timeframe) and - after prior consultation with you - with a possible involvement of a publicly appointed and sworn-in expert, if  necessary, who may promptly provide you with the corresponding expert opinion (billing of experts costs upon verification).

2. initial measures and responses in regards to decontamination, drying and other measures for the limitation of damages

- leakage detection and drying: starts usually within a 48 hour timeframe (depending)

- laboratory test as well as the professionell and environmental-friendly decontamination / waste disposal

- emergency sealing and protective measures

3. Renovation and reconstrutcion works of the damaged buildings and structural facilities until the "turnkey handover".

One-stop execution of all necessary construction works, starting with the installation of the construction site until site clearance and acceptance as well as statutory warranty (according to German Civil Code - BGB) relating to all repair works carried out.

4. Negotiation with the insurance companies, owners and landlords or their respective property management companies, polluters and experts with regards to the coverage and settlement of the costs involved.


5. Billing and Settlement of the costs with the insurance company

  • Differentiation and separate settlement of damages to renters' propoerty and tenants' possessions.
  • clarification concerning possible breach of obligations
  • Enforcement of recourse claims against polluters through involvement of lawyers (settlement of the legal fees according to the attorney remuneration law - RVG - upon verification)

Bear in mind: Since there is only one single point of contact, you can continue to focus on your own business and professional activities without significantly increasing the amount of damages.

Contact details

GSMW Gesellschaft für Schadenmanagement mbH

(limited liability comany according to German companies law)
Remanestraße 2

16540 Hohen Neuendorf

Telefon: +49 (0)3303/ 5063536

Telefax: +49 (0)3303/ 5063537

We have created a Privacy Notice (in german only) to take into account the new requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which came into force in the EU on may 25th 2018.